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We can help you with every aspect of your tax preparation and planning, including individual partnership and corporate returns.

Tax Preparation

Tax Problem Resolution

Tax Preparation And Planning

At Weaver Hultin Business Services, the service area most used by the majority of our clients is tax planning and preparation. Proper tax planning can identify cost-saving opportunities to minimize your tax burden. Our services in this area include:

  • Offering comprehensive tax planning services on an annual or more frequent basis
  • Identifying the significant events in your life that have tax consequences
  • Recommending effective strategies that will enable you to eliminate, minimize, or defer taxes associated with such events
  • Assisting you with effectively implementing the tax planning strategies
  • Preparing all individual and business tax returns

Tax Problem Resolution

Get help understanding your options regarding any issue with the IRS or a State Tax Agency.  We understand that any notice or action taken against you is stressful and we want you to have relief! Whether its unfiled tax returns, back tax debt or a new notice you received in the mail, we can help.


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